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Pixelrendering revelation

Pixelrendering is a brand new company, it was found in 2006. Company employees, all experienced specialists.
Together whey present a solid team capable of brining up to life absolutely impossible projects.
Pixelrendering motto is “photorealism & quality”.
P.S. these maniacs can also produce UNphotorealism on customer’s request.

Company’s service in visualization area:
Objects modeling of any size and any complexity, from a pin to village or city;
Visualization of static objects (architecture, interiors, 3D- layouts, everything);
Visualization of animation (around the interior, flying over architecture, villages and cities, animation of objects and processes);
Creation of presentations (animation, slideshow) on any type of carrier (video file, video streaming, Flash, DVD etc.);
Photomontage and image correcting (insertion of 3D- architecture and any other objects in pictures; human, animals, insects, vehicles, airplanes nuclear bomb explosions, hurricanes end etc fusion in 3D visualization);

Services of the company in the field of WEB-projects:
Creating web-sites of any complexity;
Design of WEB-sites;
Support and promotion;

Services of the company in the field of design:
Logo design, trademark;
Development of corporate identity

If something you need does not included in the above list, you should anyway get in touch with Pixelrendering company, any interesting project will be discussed.

Phone: +7 (903) 437-41-44

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